My earliest experience with public speaking affirms my belief in the importance of healthy food for wellbeing. I must have been three or four years old when at a church meeting, there was an opportunity to give “testimony”. Each speaker offering their testimony would walk up to the front podium and speak into a microphone to share how their spiritual faith has improved their life. I felt inspired to join my fellow congregants despite being so young and began my speech with “Hello, my name is Lauren. I hope you all had a nutritious breakfast”. I imagine I had heard that breakfast was an important part of the day and extended my genuine desire for the wellbeing of all. This was immediately reciprocated with laughter. Of course I see how endearing the sentiment would have been, yet I was taken back and felt disappointed that my authentic concern was disregarded and I immediately felt inappropriate for sharing. Clearly the group didn’t see the relevance given the setting. However, I now see that I was on to something. When we collectively accept that our bodies are a temple, what message are we sending to ourselves when we consistently consume junk food or use our purchasing power to buy non organic food while being aware of how it negatively impacts our energy and health?

Together we’re shifting the status quo, creating a more mindful and soulful connection with food and the planet for optimum wellbeing.