Healing Sleep Issues

Sleep is important to our health and healing. When we’re adequately rested we’re happier, more productive and engaged in our lives. Studies have shown that it’s key in weight loss as well as brain health.

I personally feel at my best after a solid eight hours of sleep. I’ve definitely seen a correlation with too many late nights and coming down with the latest cold of virus, so getting enough rest is a priority to me. Having a comfortable bed with soft bedding and a dark and quiet room makes all the difference with feeling healthy and waking up ready for a positive day.

Food is a powerful tool in gaining the sleep we need. Eating the right foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals can enhance supplements that support a sound sleep regime. For example, drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning can help flush the liver, relieving your liver of its work during the night and aiding a more restful sleep.

The more fresh fruits and vegetables we consume the more our body can detox. Focus on bring in foods that provide essential nutrients and antioxidants like berries, dates, lemons, limes, potatoes, radishes, turmeric, ginger, fresh coconut water, sprouts, cat’s claw, raw honey, artichokes, avocadoes and grapes.

According to Anthony William, Medical Medium the following foods aid in the effectiveness of the corresponding supplements that provide for a healthy night sleep:

When considering taking supplements to support your health and target specific areas for improvement, check out the online reviews. Sometime people report that they’ve had success in treating ailments that may not be generally associated with the benefits of the supplement. I’ve found this really helpful in deciding whether to use a certain supplement.

I’ve healed adrenal fatigue and understand the benefit of grazing on food and eating every couple of hours. This helps maintain blood sugar levels throughout the day and avoids the body needing to dump adrenaline in the system to stay awake. When it comes to bed time your adrenals will be less likely to be under or over active, allowing a more restful sleep.

I’ve found that drinking lemon balm tea with raw honey before bed time can be a calming routine to help wind down and let go of any stress or anxiety from the day. I like to track my sleep using a smart watch and the phone app shows me how long and deeply I slept. I’ve seen a notable difference in taking melatonin and magnesium an hour before I’d like to be asleep. The app has proved that I get a deeper sleep and I feel more rested.

Nightmares can be disruptive to sleep, however when we tune in to the larger messages, these dreams can be healing on a soul level. Dreams can be our higher consciousness communicating and processing experiences, fears and desires. When you notice that you have recurring dream, it’s time to take stock of the higher messages that are coming through for your emotional healing. For example, dreaming about going to school or work naked is a common recurring dream and could indicate how vulnerable you feel in the world. Deciphering dreams can be easier than you think. Instead of seeking external validation of what an upsetting or odd dream means, recognize that these are messages from your deeper consciousness and you are the best one to analyze the higher truth that’s coming forward. Remember that your nightmares can hold the key to some greater wisdom and healing and should be welcomed rather than feared as they are a sign of how connected you are and able to process your pain, fears and frustrations.

Finally, try connecting with a higher power. Some call it “letting go and letting god”, others connect with specific angels. Medical Medium suggests you speak out loud and request assistance from the “Angel of Sleep” to put your worries to the side for a restful sleep. Whatever spiritual action you resonate with, make it a part of your nighttime routine for a connected and relaxing experience.

For more information on sleep, food and healing read “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr”.

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